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We search for the best programs and universities that best matches the career you want to follow.


Admission Application Guidance

Our Company will guide you through your application process in international universities.


Visa Counseling

Visa counseling service give you access to years of experience in visa interviews

International Destinations

We find you scholarships in international universities in developed and top countries.

Interested in living and working in Canada? Get all the information you need about the different types of immigrations to canada.


What our customers are saying …
  • እዚህ ያገኘሁት አገልግሎት በጣም ጠቃሚ እና ለሌላ ሰውም ተጠቃሚ እንዲሆኑ የምመክረው ተቋም ነው፡፡ እጅግ በጣም የሚጠቅሙ ምክሮች ከምንም በላይ አስፈላጊ ሆነው አግኝቻቸዋለሁ፡፡ በአገልግሎቱም በጣም ተደስቻለሁ፡፡ አመሰግናለሁ፡፡

    Lili Tesfaye
  • ዳኒ ከሁሉም በላይ በጣም የማደንቅልህ ነገር ታማኝነትህን ነው፡፡ ህልሜ እንዲሳካ ላደረክልኝ ቀና የሆነ ትብብር ከልብ ነው የማመሰግነው፡፡ በBDH በኩል ለሚመጡ ተማሪዎች መልካም እድል እንዲገጥማቸው እመኛለሁ፡፡

    Abdulsomed Jemal
  • የትምህርት እድል በ BDH በኩል አግኝቼ ስለተሳካልኝ በጣም ደስ ብሎኛል፡፡ ከሁሉ በላይ ግን በቢሮው ውስጥ ያለው መልካም አስተሳሰብ፣ ታማኝነት እና ግልጽነት በጣም ተመችቶኛል፡፡ ለብዙ ሰው በኮንፊደንስ ልመሰክር የምችለው ቢሮ ነው፡፡

    በጣም በጣም አመሰግናለሁ፡፡

    Tinsae Elias

    MSC in Project Management

    Tinsae Elias
  • Dani, well what can I say, seriously, thanks for being the best person, have every met, a big brother, a mentor, best friend. Thanks for everything and obviously keep in touch.

    Yordanos Solomon
  • Thank you dani

    You help me so much and you give me the direction so I like to say you are right person for this job. I hope you help others like me.

    May God Bless you and Your Family.

    Selam Tarekegn
  • I want to give my deed gratitude to Mr Daniel Ezra / The manager of BDH International. This organization gave me a great chance to achieve my life time dream of leaving in USA university.

    I love you danny and thank you Again.

    Tesfamichael Tadesse
  • Thanks for making my dream come true!!! Ur the best! And keep doing the best!!! You Rock!!!

    Many thanks for making things possible!

    Feven Ermias
  • I really really amazing and I wanna to say thanks a lot. You are really a good, honest and God fearing Person and Keep it up.

    I have no word to say … but the only what I want to say here is let us God be with you and God bless you.


    Country: Sweden

    Masters Program in Sustainable Development

    Tewodros G/Tensay